Duration: 2 hours in the river (5 hours total for the activity)

Level: 3, 4 and 5 level rapids

Price: 125.000 Pesos

Includes: Transportation (round trip from the hotel), hydration and food (snacks and dinner), accident insurance, equipment, professional bilingual guides and safety kayak.


-What to wear: Bathing suit, shirt, sandals with a secure strap (not flip-flops) or

sneakers/sport shoes.


-sun screen

-An extra change of clothes (for after the activity)

Note: This activity requires experience and swimming ability and be in good health.


This river is perfect for beginners and those new to rafting.

Age: Over 5 years old

Duration: From 1 hour to 1.5 hours on the river (2 hours total for the activity)

Level: 2, 3 level rapids

Price: 30.000 Pesos

Includes: Transport, accident insurance, equipment, professional bi-lingual guides.


-What to wear: bathing suit, shirt, sandals with secure straps (not flip-flops) orsneakers.

– Insect repellent

– Sun screen

Note: This activity does not require experience and is allowed for kids and adults


For those who want to learn how to kayak or improve their techniques. No previous experience required.

Requirements: Swimming ability

Duration: 3 days

Time per day: 4 hours

In groups of up to 6 people per class, we will work through all the course content together.

Objective: The student will practice and learn the basic rules of security and kayaking techniques such as important kayak maneuvers, the right paddling techniques, rescue knowledge in the case of a flipping, and the skim roll technique. Also, students will learn how to perfect their style and how to use important rescue maneuvers, situation solving tactics, and how to work in a team. At the end of the training participants will be able to paddle in company with others.


Departure: 8:30 am to 10:00 am from San Gil (depending on climate conditions).

Flight time: 30 minutes (depending of the weather conditions)

Chicamocha Canyon is an excellent place for a thermic paragliding flight and for enjoying the majestic landscape below. Chicamocha canyon is known without a doubt as one of the largest natural wonders of Colombia. Located principally in the department of Santander and ending its trail in the Lebrija municipality, Chicamocha Canyon is recognized as the second biggest canon in the world. Close to the Canyon you will find the parque nacional del Chicamocha.


Departure: 12:00pm to 2:00 pm (Depending of the weather)

Location: 40 minutes from San Gil in vereda Palo Blanco which rests above the municipality of Curiti.

Time Availability: All the afternoon.

Flight time: 10 to 12 minutes

Soaring above many beautiful landscapes, in this flight you will see the valley and the farms Las Vueltas and Macaregua and in the distance the Chicamocha canyon. Finally you will find the mesa de los Santos, which is an agricultural region where you can find tabaco crops, beans, corn, coffee, banana, fique and yucca.


Located in Curiti municipality 25 minutes far from San Gil, this is the best cave that you will find in the region. Processing an abundance of stalactites with an impressive white color that adds to the dimensions and lighting, this Cave will give you the sensation of being in a different world.

Departure: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm (depending of the weather conditions).

Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Price: 25.000 Pesos


– Equipment (helmet and flashlight)

– Specialized guides

– Accident insurance

Does not include transportation, but there is an easy local bus to take.



This plan here is to incorporate the best activities of San Gil into a 5 hours day trip. La Cueva Antigua (The Old Cave): one of the most popular caves in San Gil due to the indigenous history of the cave. Traces and marking from the Guane culture found in this cave. Also there are different sections, such as an area with bats, an area with mud and rain. The trail around the caves is of 1.5 hours with a medium difficulty level.

Canyoning: An extreme walk and hike. From the departure of the cave till arriving in San Gil, the walk is around a ravine passing natural obstacles

such as massive rocks and small wells (it is not obligatory to jump). During the walk you will enjoy the view of the beautiful Santander mountains.

Rappel down waterfalls: You will descend two times (one 30 meters and the other 13 meters) using professional equipment.

Jumps: You will have the opportunity to jump 2 times (on 8 meters and the other 6 meters) in naturals wells, where we will test the

Includes: Transport, snack, accident insurance

Duration: 5 Hours Price: 90.000 Pesos


The same as rappelling but here the decent is a waterfall! The Juan Curi waterfall with a 60 meter drop is the most popular place to practice this sport.

Price: 45.000 Includes the entrance to the waterfall

What to wear: Sport shoes, bathing suit, confortable clothes, extra clothes for

Price does not include the transportation.

Parasailing San Gil


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